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A Spy in a World

Gone Sour

Book One Accidental Spy_width=667x100
Book TwoNear_Miss_667x950
Book ThreeBetrayal_at_Black Mesa

 What starts out as a cash deal ends up in the shape of a terrorist's nuclear weapon, but the real enemy is cloaked in an Iron Curtain sown tight during the Cold War.

3 sept 13 cover kindle

 Robbers  plunder the Red Cross; Twitter brands them "vampires." YouTube labels the dying, "zombies," and Talk Radio prophesies The Second Coming.  


Senate investigator Jackson Guild uncovers a terrorist plot to set off a nuclear weapon in the beating heart of Washington.

But there's a twist.

If Guild exposes the conspirators, he sets off a nuclear blow-by-blow. That plunges Guild into a lose-lose situation, and he’s got to walk the razor’s edge between the Truth and its Consequences. 

"I'll tell you the truth. Everything you hear is a lie."

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